Rose garden


Can’t believe they are finally here. We adopted two little kittens on Saturday as I mentioned we will in a previous post. They are the cutest thing I have ever seen. We planned on taking in just one kitten but they were both so cute and we just couldn’t decide. So now we have two of these little fur balls and they are oh just so perfect! They are playing and fighting all day and have completely lost any fear of us in only one day :). One is called Indigo and the other one Sky. Check out my Instagram to see how they look like :D. Since they arrived into our home I can’t stop smiling!
As for this look, I’m wearing one of my favorite summer dresses from Brandy Melville and I borrowed this over.sized shirt from my boyfriend. I noticed that almost all of my looks are very casual but that’s just how I dress during the day. Because I’m a swimming instructor I don’t have to wear elegant clothes at work so I don’t really buy a lot of classy stuff. They would just sit in my closet weeks after weeks. Hope you like my style anyways 🙂



23 thoughts on “Rose garden

  1. Čudovit poletni look! Rože pa naredijo pravljično ozadje za slikanje 🙂 Si lahko zamislim koliko veselja sta prinesli mucki. Sem pokukala malo na instagram, da bi ju videla 😀 Vidim dilemo, ki je nastala pri izbiri ;)) xx Maja


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