About me

Fall 2015

My name is Pia, I’m 20yrs old and I live in Ljubljana, Slovenia. I’m currently a student at Sigmund Freud University for psychotherapy and a swimming coach in between.
My life changed so much in one year, since I started to listen to my heart instead of my head (I know it sounds super cliché, but it is true!).
Since last year I got a new school (university is so much better than high school trust me!), new boyfriend ( broke up with my ex to find the love of my life), new job (teaching children how to swim is fun!) and a new blog (you can check the old one on this LINK).
I was first thinking of making another (only) fashion blog, but so far it looks like it’s going to be a mixture of travel, lifestyle and fashion.
Anyway I hope you will like my blog and don’t be afraid to ask me to check out yours.
Camera: Nikon coolpix p600

April 2016

Got older since the last time I changed the about me page, I turned 21 on March 18th. Moved in with my boyfriend since the last time I changed my about me page (actually that happened sometime ago in September 2015). Got even happier with my life since fall 2015.
New camera (so happy) Nikon d5300 18-140mm, am planning to buy a prime lens with my next pay check. Still deciding between 50mm 1,8G and 35mm 1,8G.



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