Just a glimpse of sunny weather

572  Got this lovely watch as a gift from Adrien Harper Watches. You can switch bands to different colors, which is incredibly handy, because you can easily match your watch to your outfit.

61  The weather in Ljubljana has been so terrible lately, I couldn’t even go out for long enough to take some decent photographs. It has been raining for what feels like forever (2 weeks) and my mood is getting worse and worse along with the weather. This week there seems to be a ray of hope, because this morning I actually caught a glimpse of sun and right now I think I’ll finally be able to go out for a run. I’m positive my happiness will come back with the good weather. It’s almost June (well I said almost) and I have yet to wear cute summer dresses and shorts! For now I’ve been just looking them lustfully while reaching for jeans and sweaters in my closet.
Anyways, the pics in this post had been taken during a period of last month on rare occasions when the rain forgot to fall, so don’t get fooled by all the sunshine and ice cream. Hope you like this post and I will try to make a more detailed outfit post in the future.

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