Ljubljana castle

acb1ba1c1 These photos are a result of my favorite photo shoot lately. Me and my sister went to the Ljubljana castle on a Friday morning and as usual Ljubljana was wrapped in fog, hence the mystic background. I found the perfect spot for these photos from where you can see the whole city.
It was quite exciting to shoot there, because I stood on a pretty high and narrow wall and I had to be very careful not to fall over. Still, I liked the photographs we took so much it was worth the risk. What do you think?
Anyway enough about that. I had a very busy weekend, because the kids I’m teaching swimming had a swimming match on Saturday. I was so happy when I saw them swim and I have to admit I felt a lot of pride. Teaching really is a very rewarding job.
Before the match I was in college, listening to a lecture. And on Sunday my boyfriend and I visited both our families. So I have to go now and study for an exam I have on Thursday. Wish me luck!

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