How I edit my Instagram photos

I got a request from one of you lovely followers to do a guide on how I edit my Instagram photographs and I said why not :). So here it is.


I’ve been trying to follow this rule as much as possible lately. I take most of the photographs for Instagram with my Nikon D5300, I use my phone only for close up shots, because I feel the quality of close ups is good enough for my standards. I use to take crappy photos just because I felt the pressure I had to post a new photo, but now my photo is definitely quality over quantity. But because I try to post one photo per day on average, I often ran out of good quality photos. But these days, I rather skip one day of posting instead of taking a random low quality photo.


It’s really hard to find pretty looking stuff to take photos on some days, because if I’m at home all day studying there really isn’t much to see and take a picture of  (and my ootd on these days consists of very unattractive sweatpants and a boring top). So when I do go out into the world, I try to take at least 5 different images in one day, that will be published during the week.


If the photograph is a bit darker I bump up the exposure and use a smaller amount of HB1 filter (I always use the same one). If the photo is originally very bright I use a lot of filter (12). You can check an example of a brighter photo HERE.
Main rule I use with HB1 filter is:
darker photo=use less filter, brighter photo=use more filter

If the object is further away in the photo I always use sharpening tool so that the details are more visible. I desaturate the photo a bit, I don’t like the orange shades you get if your saturation is high.

I always bump down the temperature to -1, because I like the a blueish tone it adds to the picture and I use tint to pink up the skin a little bit.



When I share my photo to Instagram I usually use only the LUX tool to alter the photo into a final product. I always use the same tools, usually I just change the amount of filter and LUX but the rest of the tools are always the same. That gives you that nice cohesive feed we all wish for 🙂

Hope you liked this tutorial, let me know in the comments if you’d like to read more tutorials on my blog.

Check out my INSTAGRAM to see how my feed looks like, using this editing process and let me if you like it.
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