Mixing casual and chic

7934165So it seems that all of the procrastinating of the past months has finally caught up with me and it hit me like a high-speed train with no breaks. If I wasn’t clear, I’ve had a pretty bad week with very little sleep, lots of studying and stressing out. I may be overreacting a bit, but do you know that feeling when you are drowning in work and the only thing you want to do instead of solving your problems is sleep? I know it will pass as soon as I’m done with my exam on Saturday, but right now it seems like this semester will never end. The problem is I have so much stuff I want to do besides school and work. I want to go for a long run at least three times per week, I’ve set myself  a goal to update the blog at least twice a week and my grandmother is teaching me how to sew. And as many of you know, you have to spend a lot of time promoting your blog so that people will actually read the content you’ve been working on. Not to mention I want to spend some quality time with my boyfriend and my family and go for a walk outside, because the weather is sunny and the birds are constantly singing :). Needless to say, I need days with 50 hours instead of 24. So this week I decided that I really have to start making to-do lists for a week in advance and become more organized. Do you have any experience with to-do lists? Any advice about organizing your days is welcome at this point!
I hope this post wasn’t too depressing for you…hey at least my outfit is on point ;). And perfect for busy days when you want to look chic and feel comfortable at the same time.

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20 thoughts on “Mixing casual and chic

  1. Hello dear! I love your outfit, it seems pretty comfy and at the same time looks good for any occasion!
    I completely understand your need of longer days and I’ve started to do lists this year as well, so far it’s working! I’d recommend you to have a notebook or an organizer and check it every morning maybe while you’re having breakfast. Check everything you need to do, set yourself an amount of hours/time you’d like to dedicate to each thing you need to do, and try not to get stressed because that’s one of the main reasons why we ended up doing nothing. Also, having a calendar in your desk/ somewhere you can see it all the time so you can organize your weeks. I have mine in my desk and I’m constantly seeing it so it gives me the chance to see everything I need to do 🙂
    Maybe you should try and update your blog once a week until you have more free time. Or maybe prepare posts in advance? those are a few things I’m trying as well. Good luck with that! xx

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