A bag full of roses



These photographs turned out so great, I love it! I think background is almost as important as the outfit itself when it comes to personal style blogging and in this case it helped a lot with how the photos turned out. I know that, because first we went to the park to shoot this look and the outfit looked quite boring there. We wandered around the city for almost an hour before we found this place and decided it would be perfect for the look. By that time my sister Sara was already quite annoyed with me, because I couldn’t decide where to go and the photo shoot was full of sarcastic comments from her side, which are quite funny actually. I need to make a post with her comments during photo shoots someday, her sense of humor is awesome, I always laugh so hard when she gets tired of my:,, only two more shots I promise (she knows that it means at least 30 more shots in reality).” After that she goes into a passive aggressive sarcastic mode until we go for some after photo session snacks :). Β But I have to admit that, when it comes to blog photos I turn into a perfectionist (which is exactly the opposite of me in every other situation in life) and sometimes I would delete 20 photos, because of one hair that wasn’t positioned correctly and that can get annoying:D.
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Have a nice Sunday!


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