Grunge & flowers


I’m finally back after a pretty long absence. I sold my last camera (nikon coolpix) and got a new one for my 21st birthday from my boyfriend. He bought me Nikon D5300 with 18-140mm kit lens and I love it. I can’t even tell you how much of a difference does a DSLR camera make! First of all the shooting of my outfit posts became a lot more fun and spontaneous, because the camera allows you to take photographs super fast and it is easier to catch sincere emotions on your face without blurriness.
Second of all I finally can take more photos in motion, because this camera can freeze my walk. I have to try twirling next time! Not to mention the quality of the photos is a lot better and the camera even has a slight ability to create blurred background. I still have a lot to learn though about shooting with the camera and using it’s full potential. (or rather I have to teach myself to take better photos and than teach my photographers what I learned-my sister and my boyfriend).
Anyways what do you think about these pics?
Right now I’m facing a new dilemma. Next month I’m planning to buy a prime lens and I can’t decide between 35mm 1,8G and 50mm 1,8G . What would you suggest me based on your experiences? If you use any of these lens or both, I would be happy if you could tell me which one do you prefer. You can add the link of your blog and I will definitely check the photos, just write which camera and lenses do you use.
Also if anyone knows a good editing program for raw photographs (beside photoshoop or lightroom) I’m all ears :).

Thank you for reading this slightly longer article and I thank you in advance for any photography/camera tips you may share in the comments.

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14 thoughts on “Grunge & flowers

  1. Love this look, the coat is so cute and you’ve styled it perfectly! Completely agree that a good camera makes such a difference! I use a Canon 6D with a 50mm 1.8 lens, although recently replaced by a 1.4 I rarely go down that far. It makes such a dramatic difference to outfit shots for sure, having the right lens!

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