Between winter and spring


Finally I can post a new outfit post. I admit it’s been to long again, but I’ve had some trouble with my camera. Anyways this was one of the first outfit posts where I could finally wear converse instead of winter boots and where I could take the photos without a coat. When you live in a country where bad weather starts in late October and ends in the middle of March, you get really bored with the winter wardrobe. I much prefer spring and summer fashion, because during winter I just want to stay warm and unfortunately I’m not one of those girls who can wear a leather jacket all winter instead of a warm coat.
Now we have a rainy period before the sun will shine again (how dramatic that sounds haha) and this look was shot on one of the rare sunny days lately.  From Wednesday on the weather forecast says sunny and than I will also be able to take more photos, because more sun means better light and better light means more quality photos. Hope you have a nice week!

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