Talk about perfect Valentine’s day gift

First impression: I’m so happy to share this post with you guys. Since Valentine’s day is coming I would like to introduce to you the perfect gift to ask for. The super stylish Sudio earphones from Sweden. I just recently found out they exist and when I first got them I was blown away. The packaging is incredible as you can see in the photographs above. When you open a cute white box you see 2 smaller boxes neatly packed. The first box had the earphones in it and the second one had all kinds of accessories including the most perfect leather case for earphones in a matching color, which is super handy, because you don’t have to deal with entangled earphones in your purse anymore.  Besides that you also get many different sizes of ear buds, so the earphones fit you perfectly in your ear. You also get a cute golden color clip so the earphones don’t dance all around when you listen to music on the go. Not to mention a small and handy manual guide that comes within that box.
Sound: When I listened to the first tune through this earphones I was once again surprised how good the quality was. Even my boyfriend (who’s priority in life is music and knows quite a bit about all kinds of earphones and headphones) was dazzled by the sound.
Gift: So is this the gift you’ve been looking for on this years Valentine’s day? I would say so! And ladies: there are plenty of stylish earphones for your boyfriends in black, blue, brown and white. I suggest you check SUDIO EARPHONES website.
I also have a special PROMO CODE for you that gives you 15% off on Sudio website.

PROMO CODE: lunjasky 


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