Urban chic

Do you know the feeling when sometimes one item in your outfit transforms your look from average to unique and chic? I definitely think the IT piece in this outfit were the leggings. I mean, how cute do they look?! The line of hearts is just adorable.
Lately I’ve been obsessing over the dark grunge looks. I guess my winter outfits consist of many black pieces (and I could still use some more to be honest). In my wardrobe colors are concentrated on the summer clothes (especially cute dresses).
On Tuesday I fly to Amsterdam to visit my dad. I can’t wait! So you can expect many photos of Amsterdam and Rotterdam in the next month. I’m already looking forward to visit my favorite store- Brandy Melville. Their clothing is so cute and comfy and I just can’t get enough of it. I hope you will enjoy your weekend and may it lasts longer than usual 🙂

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