The girl in the green hat

6110495I couldn’t be happier that it is finally Saturday. It’s been quite a busy week. I’ve been working a lot and studying all the time, so I am going to take a long nap after I finish writing this post. Luckily next week is going to be super lazy compared to this one.
Now a little bit about this post. I scored this adorable coat/jacket last week at ZARA and the hat to go with it. If I could be in love with one item of my winter wardrobe, this would be it. I love the deep forest green color and the short and wide model. And not to mention those giant pockets and other details. What I love about this coat especially is that it has double pockets, as you can see on the last photo. I’ve been thinking of buying a hat like this for a while and I’m glad I waited because this one just looks amazing with this double green outfit!

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